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Hope in America Topics on Change and Peace

Hope in America  Topics on Change and PeaceGoogle Images - Google Images is a search service owned by Search engines and introduced on July 12, 2001, that allows users to look the Net for image content. The keywords for the lookup are based on the filename of the image, the link text directing to the image, and text adjacent to the image.[citation needed] When searching for an image, a thumbnail of each matching image is exhibited. If the user clicks on a thumbnail, the image is played in a box over the website that it came from. The user are able to close the box and see the website, or view the full-sized image.The Google President, Eric Schmidt, stated that Google Images research was created due to the desire to view Jennifer Lopez in her exotic green Versace dress. In 2000, Search engines Search results were restricted to simple pages of text message with links, but the developers worked on establishing this further, realising that an image search was required to answer "the most popular search query" they'd seen to time: Jennifer Lopez's green dress. As a result of this, Google Image Research came to be.In 2001, two hundred and fifty million images were listed. In 2005, this increased to at least one billion. By the year of 2010, the index reached 12 billion images. As of July 2010, the service receives over one billion views a day. Google launched a sort by subject matter feature for a visible class scheme overview of research online query in May last year.

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At the begining of 2007, Google applied an updated user software for the search, where information about the image, such as resolution and URL, was hidden until the user moved the computer mouse over the thumbnail. This was discontinued after a few weeks.

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Google Images - On Oct 27, 2009, Google Photos added a feature to its image search that can be used to find similar images.About July 20, 2010, Yahoo updated the user user interface again, hiding image details until mouse over, like before. This feature can be disabled by demanding "Ctrl + End" on one's keyboard and clicking on "Switch to basic version".

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In June 2011, Google Images started to allow for reverse image queries directly in the image search-bar (that is, without a thirdparty add on, like the one previously available for Mozilla Firefox). This feature allows users to search by dragging and dropping an image into the search-bar, uploading an image, selecting a URL, or 'right-clicking' on an image.Yahoo Images has research online by Image feature for carrying out reverse image searches. Unlike traditional image retrieval, this feature removes the requirement to type in keywords and words into the Google research box. Instead, users search by submitting an image as their query. Effects may include similar images, web results, pages with the, and different promises of the.

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The accurate of Search by Image's results is higher if the search image is more popular. In addition , Yahoo Search by Image will offer a "best guess for this image" based on the descriptive metadata of the results.

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